Don’t Stress Over a Damaged Fence – We Can Repair It!

You have spent a lot of time and money putting up your residential or commercial fence. As long as everything his intact, you have added great security and privacy to your property.  When it gets damaged, the benefits of that fence are greatly diminished.

Storm damage, vandalism or just pushed over by a snowplow, no matter what the problem may be, you can call in Arrow Fence and Gate LLC for an emergency fence repair.  This way you can get back to enjoying the safety and security that your fence provides

Wide range of fence types

We can repair your gate, privacy fence, chain link fence, picket fence, and more.  It is our goal to provide you fast and reliable service for any type of damage

Ensure that your property retains its value with a solid and sturdy fence

Just like the value of your car can go down when it is in an accident, your house’s value can go down with damaged or destroyed fencing.  Let us come in and get it fixed and looking like a new again.

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Emergency Work

Did your fence get knocked over in a storm? Hit by a car? You can call us anytime to get your fence cleaned up and back together

Call Today: (269) 684-3342